Aspire 360 Degree Feedback Tool


Our popular, easy-to-use 360 Degree Feedback & Appraisal questionnaire measures four critical areas of a manager’s performance: how well they lead people, how well they manage and improve processes, how well they manage and service their customers, and how well they drive performance and results in their team.

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What’s included?

  • Fully online tool.
  • Free Aspire 360 account.
  • Automatic email communication and reminders sent to participants.
  • 60 multiple-choice questions that measure: how well do managers lead people, how well do managers manage and improve processes, how well do managers manage and service their customers, and how well do managers drive performance and results in their team.
  • Questions tailored to the manager’s relationship with the recipient (e.g. Peer, Line Manager, etc.).
  • 3 free format written questions.
  • Personalised strategies for development.
  • Personal development plan.
  • Specially designed coach feedback report.
  • Designed by learning and development experts.
  • Ready to use and instantly accessible.

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