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What is Short and Smart Online Management Courses?

Short & Smart Online Management Courses is made up of 10 core management topics, enabling managers to refresh their knowledge or develop new skills and immediately apply them in the workplace.

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Management Courses in the suite of online learning Include:

Adapting your Leadership Style

  • Each member of your team or project group is unique. They all have different strengths and they all have different needs from you as a leader.
  • In this short session you will learn:
    • What leadership style different people need from you depending on their capability and confidence in the job.
    • What you can do as their leader to offer the right support at the right time to do their job well.

Building High Performing Teams

  • When a team is working together well, it can achieve far more than each individual member. A high performing team doesn’t just happen; it takes effort from the team manager.
  • In this short session you will learn:
    • The key ingredients of a team
    •  How a team can achieve high performance
    • What you can do as a manager to lead your team to high performance.
    • There is also the opportunity to reflect on how effectively your team are working and to consider how you can achieve high performance with a team who are working remotely.

Coaching with GROW

  • The ability to coach is an important leadership skill. At its heart, coaching is about ‘asking, not telling’. This is fine in principle but much harder to do in reality.
  • In this short session you will:
    • Learn about the GROW coaching structure and how it can help you to have focused and productive conversations.
    • Consider different questions that can support you to ‘ask, not tell.’
    • See coaching in action to understand the effectiveness of coaching and the GROW structure.

Defining Excellent Performance

  • We all have a definition of excellent performance in our minds. We can reel off a long list of characteristics which make up an ideal team member.
  • How many of those characteristics are explicitly shared with the team, and how much do we assume that people just know what’s expected of them.
  • This short session will enable you to:
    • Articulate excellent performance for your team.
    • Consider the current performance levels of your team by using a Performance Matrix.
    •  Effectively support individual team members to achieve excellent performance.

Delegating your Work

  • Delegating is a very helpful art to master. It can free you up from routine tasks. To focus on the work which can help you and your team to make progress.
  • By the end of this short session you will:
    • Understand the difference between responsibility for a task and accountability for it.
    • Have considered what stops you from delegating
    • Have a structure to follow to delegate the responsibility for the completion of tasks.
    • Have reflected on what you will delegate, and to whom.

Giving Feedback

  • We often avoid giving feedback because we don’t want to offend people or because we don’t want to be seen to be making a big thing about something, even if it’s not quite good enough.
  • This short session will introduce you to some rules to ensure your feedback is useful and supportive to the person you are giving it to, and you will be able to use a structure to offer your feedback constructively and confidently.
  • This session focuses on giving feedback about negative things, particularly behaviours which have a negative impact. The principles introduced in the session work just as well for positive behaviours – we’ve just focused on the negative as that’s what people find most challenging to deliver.

Leading Through Change

  • There’s a common phrase in the workplace “change is the only constant.” Things are always changing in the workplace. Some changes are welcomed as an improvement, others aren’t.
  • In this short session, you will learn how people typically respond to workplace change, reflect on how your team might be responding to the changes you are implementing or experiencing, and get ideas for leading and supporting them.


One-to-one Performance Management

  • One-to-one time with a member of the team can be valuable if you get it right. In this short session, you will learn how to get the balance right between the person and the work and get ideas for making your one-to-ones productive, whether they are happening face-to-face or remotely.

Managing Stakeholders

  • We work in a world of collaboration and involvement. It’s rare as a manager to achieve things completely on your own; more often than not, we deliver with and through other people. These people are either interested in the work and its outcome, influential in its progress and success, or both!
  • In this short session you will:
    • Consider who is interested and influential in the work you do.
    • Learn how to effectively manage those people to ensure your work is successful.

Prioritising your Work

  • Every week and every day brings new work and fresh priorities. There are people and deadlines constantly competing for your attention. Everything seems urgent and is considered to be very important. Does this sound familiar?
  • In this session, you will be introduced to a model which can help you to focus on the important work that can help you and your team to progress and achieve. By the end of the session, you will be equipped with a range of techniques to support you to prioritise what matters most to you.

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