Why is Leadership so important?

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Coaching & Mentoring, General, Leadership

Exploring the importance of leadership within the workplace.

Anyone who has ever arranged an evening out with a group of friends will understand the importance of planning and taking a leading role.

Decisions need to be made about when to meet, where to go, and how to get there. Consultation about different needs and preferences takes place, influence is used, and a consensus is reached. If this sounds like your workplace, it’s not surprising.

Leadership is about function, not status.

In essence, leadership provides the necessary energy to guide a group of people toward shared outcomes. Good leadership drives great performance.

In the same way that your friends may need some help (perhaps extra time to get ready, directions to the venue, or a short-term loan when the bill arrives!) leadership in an organisation is based on knowing people and offering the right support at the right time to enable the best possible end result.

So why is Leadership so important?

Well, without leadership teams can drift and lose purpose.  They can lack motivation, be starved of valuable communication, and fail to realise their full potential.  Leadership enables a group to feel bonded; united in a cause and confident in being able to achieve it. We rely on leadership to supply the direction, support and feedback that will deliver business goals, keeping an eye on what we need to accomplish and inspiring us on the journey.

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