Leading a team through change

by | Nov 2, 2023 | General, Leadership, Management Courses

This blog explores some tips to support leaders effectively and efficiently when leading a team through change.

If the last 2 years has proved anything, it is that change in any workplace is inevitable. There are a number of reasons for changes in the workplace, they can be caused by restructures, advances in technology, economic changes, changes in client demands or the scaling up or down of an organisation. Change can be both exciting and scary for everyone involved and as a leader, it can be quite challenging to lead a team through change.

Know Your Team

  • Expect different emotional reactions from individuals in your team and understand this will evolve over time and may have an impact on performance
  • Keep discussions as a dialogue, not a monologue – don’t just ‘tell’; ask and listen to their opinions, questions and concerns
  • Discuss ‘the potential’ brought about from the change and consider what motivates the individuals in your team – there will be opportunities to associate their strengths to the roll-out of this change
  • Set clear expectations around behaviours, performance and support
  • Be reactive to what you see and hear from your team – you can only plan so much. Don’t miss the gorilla in the room!

Know the Change

  • Have a plan and know the timeline of the change being implemented
  • Know where to find additional answers and support. It is likely your team will have questions and you may not know the answer to all of them off the top of your head
  • Understand the purpose, the vision and the end goal
  • Communicate clearly. Keep communication regular, appropriate and open
  • Set goals/milestones and celebrate successes, however small

Know Yourself

  • Consider your own initial emotional reaction and journey. Be mindful of how you are being perceived by others
  • Be an advocate of change. You may have had limited to no input in the decision making process however your team are looking to you to lead them through it and embrace this change
  • Keep conversations at both team level and individual level solution focused rather than problem focused
  • Be prepared to vary your style of leadership, communication and support; one size does not fit all and it’s about getting the best out of your team

In summary, when leading your team through change: Know your Team, Know the Change and Know Yourself.  Maintain a 360 perspective during change, keep an open mind and keep channels of communication constantly open.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”

-Jim Rohn (American entrepreneur and motivational speaker)
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