Aspire Case Study – The positive impact of coaching leaders within the workplace. 

by | Jul 8, 2024 | Case Studies, Coaching & Mentoring, General

Our expert coach, Sandra Munro, has worked with many leaders over the years. In this case study we will explore the pressures one leader faced, the solutions and paths they explored during the coaching sessions, along with the positive impact on both themselves and their organisation. 

The first step is taking time to listen to the individuals and begin identifying the issues they are struggling with. 

Sandra says, “I conducted three coaching sessions with K. During our first session the priority needs were to work on the stresses of their role. They had started to feel incredibly fatigued and overwhelmed.”  

“We explored their mindset around expectations and arrived at practical ways that they could deal with the level of tiredness they were experiencing which was preventing them from coping with their shift pattern. The underlying issues were feelings of failure and an inability to continue the career path they were on” 

It became clear to Sandra that the individual was looking for quick fixes. This leader was fearful that if things did not improve, they would end up leaving their profession and organisation entirely.  

By the second session, progress had been made in taking actions to change habits and also tap into additional areas of support that the client had been reluctant to access previously. This provided some of the quick fixes the client was looking for.  

Sandra explains, “The individual described the first session as having provided a reset. We explored their cultural pressures, in particular, the feeling that everything needed to be more than 100% in order to feel like enough. During the coaching session K recognised that if they could reduce their hours then this potentially would have a dramatic and positive impact on their fatigue.”  

The leader began to work on this solution ahead of the final coaching session. When they were in the workplace they let go of comparisons with peers and began to focus on the contributions they could make. 

Sandra continues, “By the third session, the individual had been assessed by Occupational Health and a recommendation was made that they should reduce their rota.  This was validating for them and they felt empowered that they had taken action. They had discovered a renewed commitment to the organisation but under different terms that felt sustainable.” 

This leader decided to stay with the organisation and has made a great contribution to their business.  

This case study highlights the importance of providing leaders with high quality 1-1 coaching sessions as they lead to enhanced business performance, improve team dynamics and reinforces a positive organisational culture. There is clear, strategic goal identification, alignment and achievement throughout.  

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