5 Top Tips For Maintaining Your Wellbeing

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Wellbeing

We might think we know how to look after our wellbeing, but are we really doing it?

As life returns to normal (will it ever?) there is increased pressure on us to get back to ‘doing it all’ so now is the time to check in with our mental and physical wellbeing.  It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

As Learner Wellbeing Officer I have lots of resources and ideas at my fingertips so I’ve gathered the most important things, I believe, for positive wellbeing.

It all starts with Being Kind to Yourself.  Be as kind to yourself as you would be to a good friend, challenge unkind and negative thoughts and judgements of yourself, accept and embrace change, eat well, drink plenty of water and sleep well.

Did you know research has shown that even mild dehydration may have a negative impact on moods and may heighten anxiety? (Top 5 health benefits of drinking water – BBC Good Food)

Talking helps our wellbeing; it helps us feel less anxious and isolated as we share our thoughts and feelings. Bottling up our feeling usually means at some point they will explode!

Its really important to take proper breaks away from work.  Switch off devices and notifications on the phone.  Try out new hobbies that stop you thinking about work and clear your mind.  I find chopping wood for my log burner is good for this, and a bit of gardening.

Having fun at work is ok!! We spend a lot of time working so why not enjoy it!  Something as simple as a 5-minute tea break with colleagues online for a catch-up.  It may seem that it takes us away from our work but it helps us to feel connected and actually increases motivation and our effectiveness.  I’m not talking about forced fun, silly hats, games at lunchtime, but just laugh with your colleagues, communicate the fun stuff and keep the moaning out!

Finally, getting out in nature is so important to our wellbeing.  Many of us don’t have to leave the house to go to work and its all too easy to put off going outside, especially as we hurtle towards winter.  Take a walk, jump in the car and find a nice spot for lunch, or just sit out in the garden.  Take time to switch off, listen and connect with the world around you.  Trust me it works!

If you are interested in wellbeing topics then please contact us at office@aspiredevelopment.co.uk and a member of our friendly team can help you explore your options.

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