Celebrating Success in a week of Celebration

by | Jun 1, 2022 | 360 Feedback, General, Leadership, Wellbeing

Celebration is in the air this week as we gain an extra bank holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

Whether you are enjoying some extra time off, joining in a street party, working, or using the time to finish a lockdown project, celebration is in the air this week as we gain an extra bank holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

As a child we celebrate all sorts of achievements, our first words, walking, riding our bike without stabilisers…but at work, do we celebrate our success enough?  Are we more likely to notice mistakes or times when someone’s not quite hit the mark? Do we celebrate a job well done, highlight behaviour that supports a colleague, or realise that just getting through a tough week deserves a mention?

As colleagues could we do more to celebrate with our team, and as leaders could we do more to celebrate and thank our teams?

It has been recognised that receiving a thank you, a well done or a celebration of success makes us feel valued, and when we feel valued we tend to want to do more for each other and for the organisation.  Celebration builds a workplace where we’re more likely to work together than look to blame each other; we pull together as a team.  It also makes for a much happier workplace which increases productivity, all from one well done.

Here are some ideas to celebrate success in your workplace:

  • Say thank you, simple as that, either individually or to a whole group.
  • Use teams or similar to share praise
  • Leave a note on your work board, post a comment on social media, add shout outs to weekly/monthly news bulletins.
  • Give someone a longer lunch break or an early finish, and include positive feedback in 1:1s.

So… let’s keep the celebrations going, celebrating our achievements and saying thank you. Cake optional (but preferred)!

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