How you can use the GROW model to help nurture your Team

by | Dec 18, 2022 | General

Insight and helpful tips for utilizing this model for setting effective goals.

Chances are you’ve heard of the coaching model GROW, used for goal setting, but have you considered using it in development reviews, rather than just being aware of what each letter stands for?

I’ve been working recently with leaders, thinking about building self-awareness, and developing that in others. The GROW model can support open conversations that focus on the reality of a situation, being honest about both strengths, and areas for development.

GROW, first created by Sir John Whitmore in the 1980s (first published in 1992), stands for Goal, Reality, Options and Way Forward (sometimes Will but I prefer Way Forward as it reminds us to put actions into place).

GROW provides us with a framework to ask all the questions we need to get to the heart of a development area.

  • Goal; don’t settle for woolly, non-specific goals. Ask what success looks and feels like, what those around you will see when complete, why this goal is important to achieve.
  • Reality; ask the tricky questions, what is the current situation and what are the barriers to completing the goal?
  • Options; take time to consider all options, even the unusual or challenging options.
  • Way Forward; make specific plans that have achievable deadlines, agree another conversation and book the date.

Next time a team member asks to discuss their development, have a go at working through the conversation with GROW, and remember it’s all about asking questions and really listening.

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