Lauryn Kernighan – Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship

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Aspire Development have been working with Wincanton to understand their organisational needs and deliver a Wincanton Graduate Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship.

This apprenticeship programme has already had a positive impact on the Wincanton learners as well as within the organisation.

Lauryn Kernighan, a Graduate Trainee Manager at Wincanton shares her experience on the apprenticeship and how the skills developed have helped her in the workplace.

The Skills developed on the Apprenticeship

We were keen to know what key skills Lauryn had learnt whilst on the Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship.

She said, “I feel that the skills I learnt on this apprenticeship have successfully aided me in my role for several reasons. Firstly, Microsoft Planner allows me to organise not just myself but my team and colleagues so that we can achieve deadlines and work efficiently.

This means that I can take on responsibilities and tasks, knowing that I am able to complete them within a timeframe.”

She continues, “Secondly, coaching has enabled me to understand how to develop my team as individuals and, by allowing them to understand what they want out of their role and how they can do this. Finally, by gaining project and operational management skills, I can understand the processes involved in my role and how to execute them to the best of my ability.”

When asked about soft skills and if any of these were also strengthened whilst on the programme, Lauryn replied, “My communication, personal effectiveness, leadership and decision making were already relatively strong, however during workshops when we focused on learning the relevant theories, it has allowed me to implement them into my day-to-day role successfully.”

Direct impact into the Organisation

Lauryn Kernighan has had a very successful time on the apprenticeship and this positive impact can be directly seen in the workplace and by her peers. We managed to get a few words from Lauryn’s line manager on her progress after completing the apprenticeship.

Her line manager says, “Lauryn is fitting into the team very well, has been a great addition, and is a pleasure to be around. I have seen Lauryn grow in confidence since starting here in September, as she is much more comfortable in speaking to colleagues and customers about different topics.”

She concludes, “I hope that this continues, as it will help her to be a strong leader and build relationships further. Lauryn is very thorough and detailed in her tasks and has presented some great findings which will be valuable in improving the customer/Wincanton relationship. I have noticed that Lauryn implements more theory into her findings since starting the Apprenticeship which shows she is developing her abilities.”

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