Mihaela Diana Ilie – Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship Case Study

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Apprenticeship, General

Aspire Development have been working with Wincanton to understand their organisational needs and deliver a Wincanton Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship. This apprenticeship programme has already had a positive impact on the Wincanton learners as well as within the organisation.

Mihaela Diana Ilie, Team Leader at Wincanton, shares her experience on the apprenticeship and how the skills she has developed have helped her in the workplace.

The skills developed on the apprenticeship

We asked Mihaela what she wanted to achieve during the programme. Mihaela says, “When I started the programme I had no idea what to expect at, but my goal was to learn the theoretical part of the role.”

She continues, “I’m confident to say that the programme helped me to exceed my expectations. I was able to expand my knowledge, skills and I am now more professional in my role. At the beginning my thoughts were that I’m quite a good Team Leader but now I can see how much I developed from that point.”

When asked which modules on the programme were the most impactful, Mihaela replied, “On the apprenticeship I was able to learn about different behaviours and learning styles, along with topics such as emotional intelligence and self-awareness. This gives me confidence that even at this age I can still learn so much about myself and people around me.”

“During the programme I had the opportunity to work as a First Line Manager for a secondment of 3 months. Learning about how to manage and lead my team, communication, problem solving and decision making definitely helped me to deal with day to day issues and special situations that required a delicate approach.”

Direct impact into the organisation

Mihaela Diana Ilie has had a very successful time on the apprenticeship and this positive impact can be directly seen in the workplace and by her peers. We managed to get a few words from Mihaela’s line manager on her progress after completing the apprenticeship.

Her line manager says, “I have seen over the course of the team leader development programme Diana has grown massively and her commitment to this apprenticeship has been of a high standard. I have noticed that she has more confidence in her communication and the way she conducts herself professionally to others, including higher management, her team members and colleagues.”

They conclude, “I am very proud of how this apprenticeship has helped her in such positive ways. Overall, her communication has improved along with her drive and passion to try to be the best she can be.”

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